Environmental Conditioning Systems


Environmental Conditioning Unit is designed in order to respond cooling and heating requirement of laser targetting pod, the new generation, multi-sensor targeting pod designed for war air-crafts. The purpose of the system is to maintain required climate conditions of laser targettin pod when it ramped and during various different flight conditions. Electric heaters are used for demanded heating force while gas flow cooling circuit is used in order to provide cooling power and thermal power obtained from air. The system designed as LRU level is available for demounting from mechanical and electrical interface in case of a failure.


It is a project about systems that keep aircraft cockpit and electronic equipment at suitable temperature range that received design and simulation support. Before the test of the completed designs, 1D and/or 3D flow analysis were verified, how much heating/cooling air the system supplied to which parts under various different working conditions were detected, temperature/ pressure distributions were analyzed and design was completed according to the results.