Cabin Console Systems


Hızır Cabinet is a mechanical structure designed for naval platform. Heat exchanger on the cabinet is used for cooling devices inside the cabinet. EMI/EMC measures were taken for the cabinet which was mechanically designed in the quality that passed MIL-STD-810F environment conditions tests and verified with analysis. Sound noise level of the cabinet is below 60dB according to MIL-STD-1472F. Materials and coatings suitable to sea environment were taken into consideration during the mechanical design of the cabinet and the product was delivered with success.


Basically, the CCMU is a project that allows electro-mechanically modification of 12’’ LCD screen module according to military conditions.  Mechanical design of sub-components that formed CCMU was completed by taking its industrial design as a reference. Mechanical prototype production has completed and it was delivered with success for electro-mechanical mounting and serial production has commenced after these processes.






Improvement, analysis and prototype production of console projects designed in order to be used in naval platforms and became more practical and enduring with advanced engineering analysis has been completed. Following isolator selection and structural and thermal analysis, production and integration of mechanical design was completed and delivered with success.





User console used in Korkut and AIC vehicles is a laptop that detects enemy targets and allows the intervention to targeted spot when user gives command with joystick and keyboard of the console. Command difficulty and problems in focusing on screen caused due to vibration in former design was defined as a result of structural analysis, vibration isolators were selected and integrated into the system. In addition to that, design of key mechanism of structure was redesigned in a way that reduces the number of operations of the user and torque hinges are added in order to prevent screen to drop due to its weight.




Servo control productions used in order to drive electrical motors in various different sizes and used in different platforms are also known as “Herkül (Hercules) Family”. They can be exposed to high vibration values and critical heat degrees in the platforms they were used. These products used under hard military conditions should be compact and light in a way that they maintain required resistance while power electronic parts that produce high heat load should be designed in a way that allows necessary cooling. Mechanical design of Herkül-10D and Herkül-Y1D units known among power electronic elements are widely used, are supported with thermal- temperature analysis and delivered to customers after successful completion of prototype production.