Turbomachinery Systems


Gerotor Hydraulic Pump is a compact and highly productive positive displacement pump developed for military aviation practices. The pump has a compact structure as it shares the same body with the self-propelled electric motor. Its export to South Korea began after successful completion of production, analysis and tests.

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Initiated under the auspices of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries as a Technology Development Liability Project, the Fuel Transfer Pump is a centrifugal pump that allows transfer of fuel to earlier elected part or directly to the motor fuel inlet port which can be compatible with JP-10 in high flow and low pressures. Following its mechanical design, computational fluid dynamics and structural analysis were completed and the production of pump began after the successful completion of environmental tests.

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Military electric fans are used to supply the required airflow rates to achieve high cooling rates in low volume and weights. They are designed to meet the functional requirements even in the most difficult environments.

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Air Cycle Machine (ACM) is used in electronic POD’s that are assembled to aircrafts, to provide cooling for electronic equipment. When flying, RAM air that has relatively high pressure and temperature is cooled in turbine by expansion. Cooled air used in air & air heat exchanger or liquid & air heat exchanger to cool electronics. Mechanical power that is extracted from turbine is used to operate compressor that evacuate air from pod to outside. Because of high speed of turbine and compressor, optimization is done about cricital speed and bedding. Thus, reliable and longlife cooling is provided at different altitudes and different flight velocities.