Military AC/DC Converter Family

Military AC/DC Converter Family

Power management carries great importance for in all systems. Power electronics basically examines energy control and transformation of energy forms into each other. Power electronics is made up of two parts; first is the energy management and the second is transformation of energy.

In aviation sector, hardest stage of power electronics is the cooling of heated integrations of power electronics elements. Heat emerges due to loss during the energy transformation. It is important to maintain fault-free function under hard conditions by carrying out temperature analysis and simulation tests in order to prevent this heat to damage other systems and keep working temperature range of modules within required parameters.

AC/DC transformer cards designed for both energy management and energy transformation according to military and aviation standards are capable of making power electronics design by producing AC/DC convertors with single or 3 phase inlet; 90% -95% productivity, between 300 W – 9KW and between 220 VDC – 400 VDC. Our card is designed by taking EMI, EMC tests into consideration and isolated infrastructure was formed between AC and DC power lines. Our design has the capability of fault-free working at (-55) – (+115 ) C° temperatures.

AC/DC 500 W

AC/DC 2500 W


Convert TypeAnova Model NumberNumber of PhaseInputInput HzWattTHDPFEFFSizeOutput VoltageİsolationClassDimension
AC/DCACDCT050PFC028IM3115 VAC400 Hz500 W<18>94>90Module28 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
AC/DCACDCT050PFC048IM3115 VAC400 Hz500 W<18>94>90Module48 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
AC/DCACDCT050PFC096IM3115 VAC400 Hz500 W<18>94>90Module96 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
AC/DC EMIACDCT050FLT115M3115 VAC400 Hz500 W---EMI115 VAC-M GardeCustom Size
AC/DCACDCT050PFC028IME3115 VAC400 Hz500 W<18>94>90EMI+Module+Case28 VDC3000 VDCM GardeCustom Designed
AC/DCACDCS050PFC028IM1115 VAC400 Hz500 W<8>99>90Module28 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
AC/DCACDCS050PFC048IM1115 VAC400 Hz500 W<8>99>90Module48 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
AC/DCACDCS050PFC096IM1115 VAC400 Hz500 W<8>99>90Module96 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
AC/DC EMIACDCS050FLT115M1115 VAC400 Hz500 W---EMI115 VAC-M GardeHalf Brick
AC/DCACDCS050PFC028IME1115 VAC400 Hz500 W---EMI+Module+Case28 VDC3000 VDCM GardeCustom Designed
AC/DCACDCT250PFC270NM3115 VAC400 Hz2500 W<5>99>91Module270 VDC3000 VDCM GardeCustom Size
AC/DC EMIACDCT250FLT115M3115 VAC400 Hz2500 W---EMI115 VAC-M GardeCustom Size
DC/DCDCDC060LLC028IM-250 VDC-425 VDC-600 W-->90Module28 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
AC/DCACDCT100PFC380NM3115 VAC400 Hz1000 W<15>95>90Module380 VDC-M GardeFull Brick
AC/DCACDCT050PFC380NM3115 VAC400 Hz500 W<15>95>90Module380 VDC-M GardeFull Brick
AC/DCACDCT250PFC380NM3115 VAC400 Hz2500 W<5>99>91Module380 VDC-M GardeCustom Size
AC/DCACDCT250PFC096NM3115 VAC400 Hz2500 W<5>99>91Module380 VDC-M GardeCustom Size
AC/DCACDCT250PFC270IM3115 VAC400 Hz2500 W<5>99>91Module270 VDC3000 VDCM GardeÖzel Boyut
AC/DCACDCT100PFC028IM3115 VAC400 Hz1000 W<15>95>90Module270 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
AC/DCACDCT100PFC048IM3115 VAC400 Hz1000 W<15>95>90Module48 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
AC/DCACDCT100PFC096IM3115 VAC400 Hz1000 W<15>95>90Module96 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
AC/DCACDCS100PFC028IM1115 VAC400 Hz1000 W<8>99>90Module96 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
AC/DCACDCS100PFC048IM1115 VAC400 Hz1000 W<8>99>90Module48 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
AC/DCACDCS100PFC096IM1115 VAC400 Hz1000 W<8>99>90Module96 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
DC/DCDCDC060LLC012IM-250 VDC-425 VDC-600 W-->90Module12 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
DC/DCDCDC060LLC048IM-250 VDC-425 VDC-600 W-->90Module48 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
DC/DCDCDC060LLC096IM-250 VDC-425 VDC-600 W-->90Module96 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
DC/DCDCDC060LLC0270IM-250 VDC-425 VDC-600 W-->90Module96 VDC3000 VDCM GardeFull Brick
DC/DCDCDC006LLC005IM-9 VDC-36 VDC-60 W-->80Module5 VDC500 VDCM GardeHalf Brick
DC/DCDCDC006LLC012IM-9 VDC-36 VDC-60 W-->85Module12 VDC500 VDCM GardeHalf Brick
DC/DCDCDC006LLC024IM-9 VDC-36 VDC-60 W-->90Module12 VDC500 VDCM GardeHalf Brick
AC/DCACDC500PFC270ME-115 VAC400 Hz5000 W<5>99>91Module270 VDC-M GardeCustom Size
AC/DCACDC750PFC270M-115 VAC400 Hz7500 W<5>99>91Module270 VDC-M GardeCustom Size