Project Management

ANOVA is a company that has adopted the principle of continuous development with all its stakeholders and aims at stakeholder satisfaction.

Our ANOVA Quality Policy;

To ensure the realization of the goals, criteria and objectives specified in the Strategic Plan,

To realize continuous quality improvement in all activities,

To fulfill the applicable requirements of internationally accepted quality management standards,

To ensure occupational safety in our activities, user safety in our products, to protect the health of employees and the existence of a sustainable clean environment,

To ensure that our personnel become stakeholders that contribute to our Quality System by supporting their continuous development and to strengthen our corporate quality culture.

To design and produce high-tech products and services that meet/exceed the quality requirements of our customers, comply with cost and schedule requirements, and include high technologies, support them throughout their life cycle, and compete in the international market with these products.

The systematic application of our effective Quality Management System at all stages of the fulfillment of a contract is the basis of achieving this goal and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Ensuring quality will be the result of well-coordinated teamwork with our customers, employees, Managers and suppliers who supply parts to ANOVA.

ANOVA has established a Quality Management System in its businesses that can meet all the conditions specified in the ISO-9001 (2015) and AS 9100 Quality Management System (QMS) standards and the conditions requested in the contracts agreed with the customer. In this context, quality management system documentation has been prepared, published and updated, which determines the processes, procedures and practices of the Quality Management System, the relations between the persons / departments responsible for their fulfillment, their duties and responsibilities.

In order to evaluate the performance of the processes of the Quality Management System and to achieve the targeted results, necessary remedial actions are carried out within the framework of the audit, measurement, analysis and management review decisions on the processes. Activities, data and improvement methods for continuous improvement of system processes are carried out in accordance with the Quality Management System Continuous Improvement Procedure.

ANOVA has also established the necessary system conditions for the control of the outsourced Quality Management System and production processes.


Our documents

ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 (Certification is in process)