Based on our Human Resources policy, we operate with the intention of creating happy employees who are instilled with Anova’s values. To this end:

  • We employ human resources that share our values and that support our corporate culture.
  • We analyze the training needs of our employees in line with their personal goals and objectives and those of our company, and support their continuous learning and development.
  • We listen to feedback to ensure employee satisfaction, and carry out evaluation surveys twice a year with the goal of improving ourselves based on the results.
  • We adopt a transparent management approach, and have created an environment in which our employees are at liberty to share their views and opinions.
  • We have fun while we work, organising games with prizes and social events.


  • Our company employs a 40-hour semi-flextime working system.
  • Postgraduate studies are supported with compensatory rewards.
  • Salaries are based on job evaluations, and are updated based on the results of sector salary searches.
  • A meal card is provided for lunch, and support is provided for transportation to and from work.
  • A variety of supports are available for such events as marriage, birth, long working hours, etc.
  • The annual leave policy is based on the current labor law.


Employee Profile;


Our human resources are the most valuable contributors to the creation and maintenance of a happy working environment in our company. 

If you would like to work with us, you can apply to our open positions on and/or LinkedIn, or you can make a general application by writing directly to the department in which you want to work, attaching your resume, to

All applications will be registered on our database and you will be contacted if a suitable position opens.

Your applications are assessed in accordance with the confidentiality principle and priority for open positions is given to company employees.

You can access the clarification text of your personal data you submitted in your application by clicking here.