With its expert staff, the Mechanical Design department has been offering service to local and international defense and aviation defense with mechanical and electro-mechanical solutions especially with original product designs of Anova.


After its establishment in 2003, Anova started to work mainly in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics and offered engineering services in various different sectors especially defense industry,...


Our production skill that began in 2013 has advanced to make prototype and serial production and machining of especially Anova R&D designs.



Anova is a company that has adopted the principle of continuous development with all its shareholders and aims at shareholder satisfaction.


About Us

Founded in 2003, Anova is a group of companies that provide services to all sectors related to R & D activities, especially defense industry, and to reduce the dependence on foreign products with original products and localize sub-systems.

Anova ODTU Teknokent Headquarters, carries out the production of its products in its factory in Sincan OSB. With 100% domestic capital, Anova is able to offer more than 100 engineers and mechanical / electronic design, simulation and production services in an integrated manner, and locates critical / strategic products and subsystems with testing and qualification experience.



From system engineering to planning of quality and configuration management processes, from executing projects in accordance with standards to product safety and reliability, working to minimize costs while increasing product efficiency Anova, offers turnkey solutions by fulfilling product safety and reliability tests in all its projects.

Anova, who produces its products in the fields of simulation, electronic design and mechanical design in accordance with military standards, is ready for the future from today with its innovative designs and high value-added solutions!

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Group Companies

Numesys that got together with FİGES A.Ş in order to carry out the ANSYS, one of the leading finite element software, is among numbered Elite Channel Partners of ANSYS.


NUMESYS Advanced Engineering Services Inc.Co.
Based in ODTU Teknokent, Anova whose company mission is developing technological products aiming at decreasing foreign dependency within the framework of Local Production and Technology Development Liability projects, has achieved this mission with its original product designs and turn-key projects that it started and carried out until the beginning of serial production.
Anova R&D Technologies Industry And Trade Inc. Co.

Carrying out its activities in a 2000 square meter facility based in Sincan Organized Industrial Zone, Anova Defense has the ability to offer turn-key solutions by manufacturing both its own designs and its customers products in its self-established manufacturing infrastructure and carry out some qualification tests such as temperature and vibration at its facilities.

Anova Defense And Automotive Energy Systems And Machinery Inc.Co.

Anova, the Turkey distributor of the world approved software companies in the fields of design, R&D amd simulation such as ROMAX, Ricardo, Concepts NREC and Bentley, has been carrying out the sale of high success calculation platforms.

Anova Engineering Computer Inc.Co.