Mechanical Design

With its expert staff, the Mechanical Design department has been offering service to local and international defense and aviation defense with mechanical and electro-mechanical solutions  especially with original product designs of a n o v a. In line with the local production strategy, it aims at producing competitive solutions about foreign dependent systems and products, complies with military standards such as MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 and aviation standards such as DO-160 durig system and component designs and productions.

Projects include all stages of planning, conceptual design, detail design, optimization, test and verification, qualification, serial product delivery and logistics.

In addition to that, the department also provides support to design and production optimization of existing product, solution to problems if there are any, design of test setups, production of setups and verification of tests. a n o v a aims at maintain its success and customer satisfaction in the highest level by fulfilling customer demands and certification requirements within foreseen schedule and offering most productive design within the framework of creative and innovative solutions and quality systems.

In addition to manufacturing skills of a n o v a affiliates, manufacturing works could be carried out by approved sub-contractors when needed and last product is delivered to customers after the end of mounting and required tests.

Department uses Siemens NX, CATIA, CREO engineering software programs. CAD model and technical drawings are available in each three programs, if demanded by the customer. Both structural simulations and temperature/fluid simulations are created by ANSYS software programs.

Electronic and Software Design

Electronic and software design department consists of:

– Multilayer very high speed card designs,
– Determination, development and coding of embedded software requirements,
– Prototype production,
– Technical team and infrastructure for manufacturing, mounting and cabling,
– Electronic control unit designs for air, land and sea platforms
– Electromagnetic calculations with ANSYS Maxwell and ANSYS HFSS
– System designs made with ANSYS Simplorer
– Transformer simulation and designs
– Military level chargers
– BLDC motor design
– Motor Driver design
– Solenoid design

Electronic Design and Software Design team started to work in our METU Technopolis Office to offer solutions and innovations in line with the localization strategy. As Electronics and Software Design team, our priority is to produce innovative, leading-edge systems that will guide development and change.

Electronic Design and Software Team; By using our simulation ability as well as multi-layer electronic card designs, electromagnetic analysis of designed systems (ANSYS MAXWELL/HFSS), system designs (ANSYS SIMPLORER), embedded software, technical infrastructure for production assembly and cabling, prototype production and serialization in accordance with military and aerospace standards (MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-461, DO-178C, MIL-STD-498) production can be made.

The Mechatronic Design Unit under our electronic and software design roof, fulfills hardware and software requirements of our company in electronic area such as design and installation of card, cabling, driver, sensor and test setups.

ALTIUM is used for card design, ANSYS Maxwell and ANSYS HFSS are used for electromagnetic calculations while ANSYS Simplorer is used for system designs.