Environmental Conditioning Systems (ECS)

Environmental Conditioning Unit (ECU)

Environmental Conditioning Unit is designed in order to respond cooling and heating requirement of laser targetting pod, the new generation, multi-sensor targeting pod designed for war air-crafts. The purpose of the system is to maintain required climate conditions of laser targettin pod when it ramped and during various different flight conditions. Electric heaters are used for demanded heating force while gas flow cooling circuit is used in order to provide cooling power and thermal power obtained from air. The system designed as LRU level is available for demounting from mechanical and electrical interface in case of a failure.

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Military Fans Product Family

Military electric fans are used to supply the required airflow rates to achieve high cooling rates in low volume and weights. They are designed to meet the functional requirements even in the most difficult environments.

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Air Cycle Machine

Air Cycle Machine (ACM) is used in electronic POD’s that are assembled to aircrafts, to provide cooling for electronic equipment. When flying, RAM air that has relatively high pressure and temperature is cooled in turbine by expansion. Cooled air used in air & air heat exchanger or liquid & air heat exchanger to cool electronics. Mechanical power that is extracted from turbine is used to operate compressor that evacuate air from pod to outside. Because of high speed of turbine and compressor, optimization is done about cricital speed and bedding. Thus, reliable and longlife cooling is provided at different altitudes and different flight velocities.

Heating Cooling Unit

Heating Cooling Unit (HCU) is an environmental conditioning unit that is designed in accordance with relative standards, using vapour compression cycle to condition temperature of marine laser systems. ISB with different modes that are heating, cooling and circulation, has its own microcontroller to switch on modes according to ambient and circulation liquid temperature. Thus, laser system temperature will be optimum in any ambient conditions. ISB that is designed for marine conditions, is qualified by MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F.