Anova designs Airworthy (Certificate) and Mission (Qualified) products and systems.

In the process of obtaining Airworthiness Certification on air platforms (Rotary Wing, Fixed Wing, UAV, etc.), activities spanning the whole of design, manufacturing and usage functions are carried out by Anova. We divide these activities into Technical Airworthiness and Operational Airworthiness. Our activities for Technical Airworthiness can be defined as,

  • Design
  • Production
  • Staff
  • Infrastructure
  • Maintenance
  • Supply
  • Distribution
  • Storage

Anova also designs and develops Software and Hardware in accordance with the RTCA DO-178C and RTCA DO-254 guidelines (Also defined as Software and Hardware Quality Assurance processes), which specify the Safety Critical Software and Hardware related issues in the Certification of Systems and Equipment to be used in Aerial Platforms within the Airworthiness requirements.