Anova has been established, developed and implemented its infrastructure for Configuration Management (KY) activities according to configuration management standards such as MIL-STD-973, EIA-649, CMII.

Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) tools are also used in KY.

The following activities are carried out within the scope of Configuration Management in Anova:

  • Preparation of Configuration Management Plans in accordance with the project contract and applicable standards,
  • Realization and follow-up of Project Configuration Management Activities in accordance with these plans,
  • Identification of configuration units in projects, individual identification methods of configuration units (part number/serial numbering methods) and version tracking methods,
  • Creating project data library templates and ensuring that project data is managed in accordance with these templates,
  • Ensuring the coordination of the configuration unit change management,
  • Organizing Configuration Control Boards,
  • Keeping and reporting configuration status tracking records,
  • Performing configuration functional / physical inspections.

Thanks to our Configuration Management, the changes that can be made in the functional and physical properties of the product determined by the customer/main supplier or designer or ANOVA on the first structure of the product, where the requirements are implemented, are controlled and monitored during the life-cycle of the product.