Weapon Systems

Ammunition Flex Chute Family

100% locally designed and produced Ammunition Flex Chute is a product that a few producers in the world and imported by defense industry companies in our country. Ammunition Flex Chute is a mechanism that loads bullet into chamber from ammunition belt in unmanned aerial systems and used especially for bullet feed in remote operated weapon systems.

Flexible structure that adjusts to different geometry between the ammunition belt and weapon system allows it to work in every condition. Ammunition Flex Chute which can be integrated into various different weapon systems without hitch, is designed and produced in a quality that will not cause any problem during the life span of used parts. Low friction force and resistance of product to external static/ dynamic factors that are among the most critical parameters of ammunition feed systems, are verified separately for every product by conducting tests about external factors that may originate due to user and tests foreseen for resistance. Ammunition Flex Chute family is an important step in local production as it is a product with the Export License in the Turkish Defense Industry. Moreover, Ammunition Flex Chute is our first export product.

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Booster Mechanism

Booster Mechanism is a mechanism that allows gun to load 12.7x99mm NATO ammunition from bullet belt from a 3 meter distance. Booster Mechanism allows gun to load bullet when chain wheels in the mechanism was triggered by motor as the power of the gun is not enough to load all kinds of bullets from a 3 meter distance.

Solenoid Valve

Scope of the project was the renewal and development of Solenoid Valves that control the leveling system of Oerlikon howitzers. Working voltage replaced in order to maintain compatibility of existing solenoid valves with other electronic elements are designed by considering interfaces that are connected to solenoids. Solenoid valves in the project are developed and verified according to the military standards. Project was successfully completed and delivered following serial production.

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Ammunition Backpack For Machine Gun

The system, which enables the soldiers to fire 550 rounds without any need of a magazine, is ergonomically designed so that the soldier can travel long distances in harsh weather conditions.

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Reduction Gears

Reduction Gears are the systems that increase or decrease the driven moving force in the circular motion systems. They are used by several types in defence industry, automotive and machine industry. Rather than commercial applications, Reduction Gears are worked as critical parts in radar and turret systems. Reduction Gears are manufacturing by Anova, are designed and validated for the extreme working conditions in the military applications.

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