Anova Products

Environmental Conditioning Unit

Environmental Conditioning Unit (ECU) is designed in order to respond cooling and heating requirement of laser targetting pod, the new generation, multi-sensor targeting pod designed for war air-crafts.

Military Fans Product Family

Military electric fans are used to supply the required airflow rates to achieve high cooling rates in low volume and weights.

Air Cycle Machine

Air Cycle Machine (ACM) is used in electronic POD’s that are assembled to aircrafts, to provide cooling for electronic equipment. When flying, RAM air that has relatively high pressure and temperature is cooled in turbine by expansion.


It is a project about systems that keep aircraft cockpit and electronic equipment at suitable temperature range that received design and simulation support.

Ammunition Flex Chute Family

100% locally designed and produced Ammunition Flex Chute is a product that a few producers in the world and imported by defense industry companies in our country.

Gerotor Hydraulic Pump

Gerotor Hydraulic Pump is a compact and highly productive positive displacement pump developed for military aviation practices.

Fuel Transfer Pump

Initiated under the auspices of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries as a Technology Development Liability Project, the Fuel Transfer Pump is a centrifugal pump that allows transfer of fuel to earlier elected part or directly to the motor fuel inlet port which can be compatible with JP-10 in high flow and low pressures.

Heating Cooling Unit

Heating Cooling Unit (HCU) is an environmental conditioning unit that is designed in accordance with relative standards, using vapour compression cycle to condition temperature of marine laser systems.

Booster Mechanism

Booster Mechanism is a mechanism that allows gun to load 12.7x99mm NATO ammunition from bullet belt from a 3 meter distance.

Solenoid Valve

Scope of the project was the renewal and development of Solenoid Valves that control the leveling system of Oerlikon howitzers.

Military AC/DC Converter Family

Power management carries great importance for in all systems. Power electronics basically examines energy control and transformation of energy forms into each other.

Digital Magnetic Compass

Small size and light weight digital magnetic compass, calibrated with advanced systems in accordance with military standards, has been developed for high precision and accuracy in harsh environmental conditions.