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R&D Today for Tomorrow


Founded in 2003, Anova is a group of companies that provide services to all sectors related to R & D activities, especially defense industry, and to reduce the dependence on foreign products with original products and localize sub-systems.

Anova ODTU Teknokent Headquarters, carries out the production of its products in its factory in Sincan OSB.

Anova who was founded with 100% domestic capital, is a group company consisting of 5 companies with a staff of 250 engineers. Anova who can offer integrated mechanical/electronic design, simulation and production services, localizes critical/strategic products and subsystems with its testing and qualification experience.

Anova unique designs, indigenization and technological acquisition liability projects are important stakeholders of the defense industry. Anova, which aims to reduce external dependency, increase productivity while reducing costs, continues its manufacturing activities in Ankara Sincan Organize Sanayi Bölgesi. Beside this, it provides services in engineering and design fields in various branches of industry such as automotive, white goods, energy, environment, construction and machinery manufacturing in Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul offices. a n o v a is one of the few strategic partners of ASELSAN.